Some Helpful Prayers

Holy Spirit Prayer: Courtesy of the former Melbourne Archdiocesan Office for Pastoral Planning [CROPP].

A Spirit Prayer

Rush upon us O Spirit of God! From this time on,
rush upon us, like living water, like leaping fire,
like fresh breath through an open window.

For this time, rush upon us, O Holy Spirit, with
wisdom and knowledge, with understanding and
counsel, with wonder and recognition and awe.

Just in time, rush upon us O Spirit of God, in life-
giving words, in songs from the voiceless, in a
passion for witness.

At this time, rush upon us, O holy Spirit, this
hopeful time, this searching time, this preparing
time, this coming and going time, this trusting
time, this new time, this full time.

ALL THE TIME, rush upon us, O Spirit of God!

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