Formation Resources
The Australian Bishop’s Conference (ACBC) recognises the need to support Parish Pastoral Councils through drawing attention to existing resources and asking for the development of further resources to provide members and potential members with appropriate resources that will enhance their spiritual lives; grow their understanding of the church and our dynamic mission in a swiftly-changing world; develop their natural and learned gifts of leadership; and intensify their loving service of their communities. This is the basic reason for the establishment of a Working Group. This website is the first overt expression of the formation resources.

There are many resources already available to assist with formation. Dioceses, Parishes, Deaneries and other groups and individuals have developed some excellent materials as a response to their sense of the importance of Parish Pastoral Councils and their need for formation. The Diocesan resources are particularly affirmed as the primary resources to which Parishes might turn.

This website attempts to achieve three ends – to provide new resources where needed; to give direct access to useful formation materials; and to draw together into an accessible single location references to quality resources available throughout Australia.